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Ryan, thanks again for the healing session on Saturday! Since then, I have slept better and felt more energised and refreshed. Before I had doubt, stress and a feeling of pressure but since then I have less doubt in my mind and you could say a weight has been lifted! I have enjoyed myself much more since Saturday because I have allowed myself to be true to myself. So thank you very much!

- Paul G. - Sales Manager

Thanks so much for your time last Friday. I must say that that night I couldn't sleep until 3am (coincidence? :))) I felt a great rush of energy that day and the following day which proceeded with a more calm feeling from within the following days... Before our session I had a kind of disturbing feeling in my right hip that now seems to have vanished! I am feeling great energy inside my body. Good clarity and confidence has also become more asserted and things are flowing even more in my life. I hope this description can help you to understand how amazing your healing has been for me and althought there are things that cannot be really expressed with words at least I have gaven you an insight. Best Wishes!

- Frank A. - Yogi and Founder of Purple Balance Superfoods